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The Climate Adaptation Academy provides municipalities with information and tools to help them adapt to a changing climate.

Connecticut Sea Grant and UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) are partnering with researchers, consultants and others to work with municipalities and relevant professionals on climate adaptation through the Climate Adaptation Academy (CAA). There are many complex and equally important climate related issues that are challenging both coastal and inland communities now and in the next several decades. Identifying these issues in the near term will help advance the effort to fully determine the magnitude of each and begin to develop an adaptive response. This will be a long-term process and, to be effective, will require participation of a wide range of individuals, institutions and governmental agencies.

An important component of all CAA presentations is an opportunity for participants to share the challenges they face and ways they have developed to adapt to the impacts of climate change. We don’t know all the answers. The CAA is designed to be a continuous process by which the complex and emerging climate adaptation issues facing municipalities are identified and innovative solutions are shared. Recent CAA activities have been focused on the legal aspects of climate adaptation, living shorelines, emergency preparedness and identifying what information and tools communities need most to address the challenges of our climate change.

We are available to provide presentations on various aspects of climate change and climate adaptation in Connecticut for your community or organization.  Please contact Bruce Hyde or Juliana Barrett to schedule your event.

Living Shorelines Workshop

Legal Issues

Upcoming Workshops

Building on the foundations from the Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation workshop held in November 2015 and the participants’ questions  it generated, we present 4 fact sheets that address many of these questions. The afternoon session delves into two major climate adaptation issues with numerous legal ramifications: elevating structures and resilience of roadways.

LOCATION:   Mercy by the Sea Retreat and Conference Center, 167 Neck Rd. Madison, CT

DATE: December 15, 2017 



Past Workshops

Legal Issues in the Age of Climate Adaptation

Water: Too Much or Not Enough? From Rain Bombs to Drought 


Legal Issues Fact Sheets 

Takings and Coastal Management,

Property and Permitting Boundaries at the Shoreline,

Governmental Tort Liability for Disclosure of Flood Hazard Information, and

Flood and Erosion Control Structures.