Climate Corps

As part of UConn's Environmental Corps, the Climate Corps is an academic program at UConn that is focused on service learning and work force development related to climate change adaptation at the local, community level. Students participate in a traditional, one semester academic course focused on climate adaptation issues and solutions in Connecticut. They then have the option to engage in a one semester independent study working with municipalities, NGO's and others to advance a climate adaptation project. Along with UConn faculty, community partners play a critical role in these projects, providing students with information, feedback and guidance to ensure that a high quality, usable product is developed.


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For Students

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For Communities

Check out our Environment Corps partner programs, the Brownfields Corps and Stormwater Corps!

The Brownfields Corps was created by one of the Climate Corps faculty team members in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. It has the same basic structure as the Climate Corps: a 3-credit course in the fall, and 3-credit independent study working with towns in the spring. This spring, student teams are working with five towns to prepare brownfield inventories, collect site data and prepare clean up grant applications. LEARN MORE

The Stormwater Corps follows the same structure as the other Environment Corps programs and is lead by Extension faculty. This program focuses on flooding and pollution caused by stormwater runoff, and the use of Low Impact Development (LID) practices to reduce these impacts.