Tools & Assistance

Here’s where we park things that we think might be of use to you, from online tools to templates to reports. Most are from the programs on this website, but occasionally we may sneak in something from other CLEAR and Sea Grant programs, and even (gasp!) from elsewhere.

climate change image

Training Modules

Providing short videos and resources on climate change and its impacts in Connecticut.

Emergency Checklist


Take steps now to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your community in an emergency.

Students in classroom

Teacher Resources

Resources that meet Next Generation Science Standards and allow for easy adoption by high school teachers.

shoreline community near marsh

Coastal Homeowners Tools

Tools and Resources for coastal homeowners living on the coast and dealing with coastal hazards.

NASA CO2 video screen capture

Cool Stuff

Highlights from some of the most interesting, informative or thought provoking links that we have found.