Living Shorelines Workshop I

  • Group on beach
    Climate Adaptation Academy

The First of a Three Part Series, held on January 9, 2015. 

This workshop is the first in a three part series. The first workshop is an overview of living shorelines in Connecticut including the working definition for Connecticut, background on living shorelines: what they are and where they work and how this relates to the coastal processes of the Connecticut coast and Long Island Sound; what are the state regulations/permitting process pertaining to living shorelines and what do municipalities and consultants see as the opportunities and concerns.

The second and third workshops will focus on types of living shorelines and under what site conditions they can be designed and installed, particularly for the Connecticut shoreline.

Print-friendly Agenda

8:30-9:00 a.m.

Registration and Continental Breakfast (Academic Building Rm 106)


Introduction/Purpose of workshop/Series (5 min)


Coastal Processes and Geology as they relate to Living Shorelines


Connecticut Shoreline Change Analysis

  • Kevin O’Brien, CT DEEP Office of Long Island Sound Programs


NOAA Overview of Living Shorelines

  • Elaine Mahoney, NOAA
  • James Turek, NOAA




What are Living Shorelines/Where do they work?

  • Laura Schwanof, GEI Consultants
  • Kimberly Bradley, GEI Consultants

The LS Experience on Long Island

  • Jay Tanski, New York Sea Grant


Sea Wall Compensation

  • Ian Yue, CT DEEP Office of Long Island Sound Programs/NOAA Coastal Fellow


Lunch (Branford House)


Municipal/Contractor Panel Discussion

What are the questions/issues/opportunities with implementing Living Shorelines from a municipal and a contractor perspective?

2:15 – 3:00

Permitting Living Shorelines - CT DEEP Office of Long Island Sound Programs


Discussion and Questions